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Test Technician

The Test Technician will be responsible for testing K2 products to ensure they meet form, fit and functional requirements.

  • Perform product testing for the K2 Research and Development Test Lab using well developed test procedures that accurately evaluate the product.  Setup mechanical tests to evaluate products static, fatigue and impact strength using a variety of test equipment.  Write test reports and document test results using appropriate documentation formats.
  • Review test methods including K2, ASTM, ISO, DIN and others to ensure repeatability and accuracy of all performed tests.
  • Process and graph test data using MS EXCEL, MTS and INSTRON software to report test results to the Test Engineering Staff.  Make recommendations to the Test Engineers based on test results.
  • Manage a large scale test load of varying products in order to maximize test throughput.  Maintain test equipment including MTS and Instron Test Systems, impact towers, hydraulic and pneumatic test equipment.  Maintain the Test Lab to ensure cleanliness and order to promote test accuracy and maximize test throughput.
  • Develop tests and product evaluation processes for new and existing K2 products to simulate real world service conditions.
  • Work with development teams early in the design cycle to bring innovative products with good technical detail to the market.
  • Maintain key components of the Test Lab including the MTS, Instron and others.

Required Qualifications:
  • A hands-on individual who enjoys working in a laboratory environment setting up and running mechanical tests.  Strong working knowledge of mechanical systems including hydraulics and pneumatics is a plus.
  • Exceptional problem solving skills.
  • Experience with MS EXCEL and WORD
  • Must be self-motivated.
  • Able to handle fast paced, large scale test programs.

Desired Qualifications:
  • Work experience as a technician in a mechanical or analytical test lab.
  • Experience and/or knowledge of evaluating injection molded parts.
  • Experience with Test Machines and Equipment-MTS, Instron, Tinius Olsen.
  • Experience in setting up mechanical measurements using Load Cells, Displacement Transducers, Strain gages and Accelerometers.
  • High School degree.  Additional applicable class work at the community college level is a plus.
  • Enthusiastic participant in skiing, snowboarding, inline skating, or biking.

Seattle, WA

How To Apply:

Interested applicatnts apply here.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Females/Disabled/Protected Veterans/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity

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